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Z250 DIY Valve Clearance Adjustment

By Jolads

After finishing the break-in period, removed all external parts to access the engine, the front fairing, gas tank, seats, rear fairings.

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Filtration of Sound

Excerpts from: Kent’s Mechanical Engineering Handbook

When direct noise, containing definite notes or harmonics, is transmitted along ducts or openings, it often is possible to eliminate objectionable harmonics completely by an acoustic filter that obstructs but little air flow or ventilation.

Sound filters are of two classes:
1) low-pass filters – which transmit low frequencies, but filter out higher ones; and
2) high-pass filters – which do the opposite.

A low-pass filter prevents transmission of the relatively high whistle often present in a ventilating duct. Low frequencies, predominant in explosive discharges, are filtered out by a high-pass filter, as an automotive muffler or Maxim silencer.
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Z200 Air/Fuel Mixture Setting

By BlueKnyght

The technique is based on the Stoichiometric Ratio, which is 14.7:1 or 14.7 air is to 1 fuel (read this). That is for every 14.7cc of air only 1cc of fuel is required to attain the highest combustibility of gasoline w/o being lean or rich. Meaning it is the finest tune for your Motorcycle engine EVER. Yup! It sounded as if you need to have a lot of measuring device to achieve this on your carb. In fact, it is the Stoichiometric Ratio that is being maintained in EFI or fuel injection systems where a lot of sensors is used to tell a computer how to attain the proper air-to-fuel ratio while running in different environmental conditions and loads.
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