Z250 DIY Valve Clearance Adjustment

By Jolads

After finishing the break-in period, removed all external parts to access the engine, the front fairing, gas tank, seats, rear fairings.


Then removed triangular engine bracket (optional), the ignition coil to have more space in removing the exhaust valve cover bolts. Carefully remove (to avoid damaging the o-rings) the intake and exhaust valve covers left side cam gear cover, the crankshaft bolt cover, and the flywheel timing mark cover using a wide flat screw driver but cover it w/ cloth to avoid scratches on those chromed covers.


Now with everything exposed, put gear in neutral then using a 17mm socket wrench turn the flywheel clockwise and notice the cam gear mark, align it w/ the engine notch and at the same time using a small flashlight peek through the flywheel timing mark cover and you should see a line mark align w/ a notch, if the cam gear is aligned and the flywheel is not then turn the crankshaft bolt again another 360degrees until the cam gear and flywheel marks are aligned with their notches


Then you can now check valve clearances, based on the manual it says 0.07mm for intake and 0.10mm for exhaust, after inserting the feeler guage I noticed mine to be out of specs so I loosened the 10mm locknut at the rocker arm and using the feeler guage (0.06mm intake) adjusted the small adjusting nut fingertight and w/ a slight drag on the feeler guage.


After clearances are w/in specs now, then you can tighten the locknut. clean mating surfaces dirt and oil-free then apply just a small amount of silicon gasket maker on all cover o-ring seals, let is set for a few minutes then installed everything removed. Warm up the engine and check for leaks, congrats and enjoy your ride.

Jolads is a forumer of MCP (www.motorcyclephilippines.com) and is based somewhere in the Philippines.


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