Honda CB400 Super Four



Honda CB 400 Super Four
Category: Naked bike


Engine and transmission
Displacement: 399.00 ccm (24.35 cubic inches)
Engine type: In-line four
Stroke: 4
Power: 53.00 HP (38.7 kW)) @ 11000 RPM
Torque: 38.00 Nm (3.9 kgf-m or 28.0 ft.lbs) @ 9500 RPM
Compression: 11.3:1
Bore x stroke: 55.0 x 42.0 mm (2.2 x 1.7 inches)
Fuel system: Carburettor
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel control: DOHC
Cooling system: Liquid
Gearbox: 6-speed

Physical measures
Dry weight: 168.0 kg (370.4 pounds)
Seat height: 760 mm (29.9 inches)
Overall height: 1,070 mm (42.1 inches)
Overall length: 2,050 mm (80.7 inches)
Overall width: 725 mm (28.5 inches)
Ground clearance: 130 mm (5.1 inches)
Wheelbase: 1,415 mm (55.7 inches)

Chassis and dimensions
Front tyre dimensions: 120/60-ZR17 55W
Rear tyre dimensions: 160/60-ZR17 69W
Front brakes: Dual disc
Rear brakes: Single disc

Speed and acceleration
Power/weight ratio: 0.3155 HP/kg

Fuel capacity: 18.00 litres (4.76 gallons)

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133 thoughts on “Honda CB400 Super Four”

    1. Just acquired on in the philippines and looking forward CB400 super four. I received the registartion where it is stated to be 2008 model. However, comparing with the picturx here. It looks older. Where can I find the real model or series on the bike? Thanks

      1. Gato, this is Douglas. I also own a CB400. My registration says 2002. Its a 1998. You can find the real Model in your tire rims

    1. با سلام
      فكر مي كردم اين موتورهاي توي امريكا زياده من تازه تونستم بصورت غيرقانوني يكي از دبي بخرم و بيارم ايران البته مدلش 2000 مي باشد

      1. سلام اقا رضا ممکنه بگی چطور و از کدام مغازه در دبی خریدی و به چه قیمتی ایا نو است یا دست دوم جطوری ان را به این طرف به شهرستان اوردیجقدر هزینه حمل ان شد و موتور چه مدلیهخیلی ممنون میشم شماره تلفن و ادرس جایی را در دبی که موتور را از انجا خریدی و کسی که که ان را میاورد این طرف خیلی ممنون از جواب شما/

  1. I purchased the ABS version here in Australia and I’ve had it since May 2nd, its a sweet ride, smooth and torquey acceleration when Vtec kicks in, very comfortable, great adjustable suspension and handling. I definately recommend it.

  2. I now live aand work in Japan and I will buy the CB400 SF 2008 model next month.

    It is really a cool and performant bike.

    Another nice alternative is the Yamaha XJR 400.


    1. you have an idea if how much it will cost the shipment japan to manila,philippines? call me at +6329161985018 thanks and merry christmas to you

  3. i love this bike but the parts is hard to find and expensive here in the philippines better shift to lifan 250 v-type engine.

  4. wow! what an amazing blog! it is truly a labor of love for bikes.

    i am a big fan of Honda bikes. i rode a 400R imported into india years ago ~ it was awesome!

    i would love to see more european bikes here too – Ducatti, BMW, Moto Guzzi…

    great work, and thanks for all the delightful pages 🙂

  5. Hi, nice blog!
    Actually previous versions of this bike were/are also available as a “grey import” in many countries in Europe, especially in the UK, and Greece.

    A very reliable and beautifull bike. Powerfull enough for a first-time rider, a commuter you can rely on. I had an orange Version R, and made about 1800km round Greece one summer.

    I only wish the imported it officially …

    cheers from Greece

  6. Ive got n honda cb400 super four 1986 model its a colectors item. I want to sell it. Is there anybody with n reasonable offer? i live in south africa

  7. Hi! I’m from the Philippines. I have one, and it’s really great!!! Once it roars, it really “ROARS!!!!” To those interested to buy one, please do so.. satisfaction guaranteed!!!

  8. Hey, its one of the coolest bikes i have here in india.but the parts are not easily available,u need to actually hunt for them.

    If u need power n speed at the same time on indaian roads its the best one to go for***!!!

  9. It’s indeed a great bike. I once had an earlier version, the CB400 PB1, now I have a 2001vtec version, same specs as this bike only with a different tail design. This bike is available here in manila only in the gray market. Is very reliable, parts are not hard to find, relatively cheaper to maintain compared to other makes and models. Good for medium sized guys, 5’10”, 165 lbs. Designed for the Japanese market. Hehehe.
    Highly recommended street commuter bike.

  10. They were also imported as a grey market bike in Venezuela.

    I currently have one, NC31 model, had it for a year and near 20.000 kms on her of pure joy and fun. And I use mine daily, and on the weekends it’s either the track, the canyons or just a trip to enjoy the scenery. She performs like a champ. No major problems (Just changed sprockets and chain, cleaned the carbs and changed the fork seals and oil).

    I also have a Ducati 748, but the CB400 is just more fun to ride around. The Ducati is just fun on the track or on the highway with fast sweepers. The CB is fun all the time!

    I wish Honda officially sold these in here, I would love to own a newer VTEC version.

  11. Hi,
    I am planing 2 sell the honda super four and get the new honda….. Can someone suggest me what should i go 4….. I am not able 2 make up my mind.

  12. I have a 2003 CB400sf with vtec II in Los Angeles(maybe the only one). I bought the bike early last year from a military guy who imported the bike from Japan. My wrists were hurting me when I rode my cbr600f4i, now I love this bike. You do not have to be going 100mph to have fun. Wish I could find an owners manual in english but I know enough to get by for now. This is my 12th motorcycle and I have been riding for 40 years now. My friend owns a CB-1, when he gets it running again we will see how they compare power wise. I had a 400 Bandit before and I would walk away from him on that bike.

  13. Is this Honda CB400 SF available in the Philippines??? Any motorcycle shops in the phil. that sells this hottie??? thanks!

  14. hi,

  15. I have one CB400 Vtec model 2002, very satisfied with Honda engine..
    now i have problem with rpm/speedpmeter (broken..) and want to replace it, but difficult to get part… any idea where to get this meter ?


  16. hi. i would like to understand my cb400. my rpm meter until 12 only. i dont know what type it is. version s? version r? pb1? how to identify my cb400 version. what is the different pb1 and vtec model. how to identify? my side cover only have cb400 super four. please help.

  17. I am shopping. This seems perfect blend of old and new that works for me. I’d park it right next to my 1973 350F (16k miles). I’ve been looking at the Triumph Triple Street R at $9K u.s. with 107 hp and similar dimensions. I dont need that much HP.

    Honda is seriously lacking in mid range models that it once mastered in the ’60s and 70’s. Out of touch comes to mind. The 919s interest me too but the’r gone now. Where is the V65 for 2010?

    2010 New phantom is nice but where are up grades offered for engine like Triumph did for Thunderbird. A 998 cc would be perfect.

  18. I have 1996 LE Version R wet look black, gold mags w/ polished lip, almost new metzeler M1 tires planning to sell @ 158K. interested? pls call 09287337580

  19. Guys I do have a PB1 with an after market carbon Fiber exhaust, and yes it does sound crazy. The performance of the bike is excelent, a lot of tourqe, great handling on curves, can reach the top speed of 185 KPH easily…

    Contrary to what others are saying, parts and accessories for this bike is quite easy to find here in manila if u know where to look for it.. if you need information about it, shoot me an email at

    also there is a bike shop here in makati that sells brand new and 2nd hand big bikes and they do have the later versions of super four. cb400 hypervtec spec 2 and spec 3.. they even have th superfour cb100 and superfour cb1300.

  20. @ gato

    You can use Castrol Premium 4t, grey un color ng bottle may logo na bigbike sa baba.. u need about 3.5 liters..

    also, you can see the real year model of the bike on the rims..

  21. i am confused because i want to buy a bike,there are two bikes one is honda hornet250cc other one is honda cb400 super four spec3,,both are in very good condition but cb400 looks very new,please help me which one is good

  22. hey pipol! i have a honda cb400sf. all i can say is its very cool most of all its a comfortable ride compare to others xrm 125. while others try to change their mufler 2 make loud sound still the speed is low. my cb400sf sound and roar load wen it acclrat but its realy fast but most of ol not too fast in the gasln consumptn compare 2 650-1000cc. i try it even n the fast lane, free way, & skyway . its really cool! if ur interstd u can ask me or any1 who owns one

  23. will kurit i bought a cb 400 sf PROJECT BIG ONE at davao city for only 155 t if you really want to buy i can be of help

  24. Hi I have been riding my CB400 daliy since new and have clocked over 50,000ks in just over 2 years. Its a great bike. I would like to incresse its performace. Curently I have manged to source a Scorpion pipe and K&N filter for it but would like to try to remap the fuel injection. Unfortunatyl power comander do not make a unit to suit my Bike. Has anyone manged to find a divice that works on the 2008 Cb400 or any other suggestions to increase performace.

  25. hi i have a honda cb400 version r for sale 1996 model nc31. open to offers im in scotland,gb. call 07402071616 for details,many thanks

  26. I bought cb400 super four pb1. although it’s second hand model 2002 but it still have a SUPER AND GREAT PERFORMANCE. THANKS HONDA!

  27. Hi….I need information about head lamp an tail cover prices, I want to change that, I lived In Jakarta, Indonesia. Thanks alot.

  28. i love to have this bike in months to come. Has anyone bought a second hand of this and resented on it?, pls share your experience.tnx

  29. hi guys, im also a fanatic of cb 400 and also got (NC31) 3 years ago… so far never encountered any major problem on it..
    thanks HONDA!!!

  30. Hello Buddies!
    I am interested in buying a CB 400 Model 2005-2008

    Anybody in the Philippines who is selling in such specs?

    Please email me in case…

  31. Pls my name is nana, i’m in Ghana, I need second hand Honda Super4.
    Pls how can I get one to buy..pls help if you can.
    Call me 00233244041752 thanks

  32. i have cb 4 spec 2 , when it ride, temprature rise very fast & cant ride eaven, i saw one little cylinderic part has broken near to engine. please tell me. how to repeir

  33. hi to all Manila honda super enthusiast. I have my Pb1 for sale it only worth Php 110,000 call me at 09228558098 – jerome.

  34. I’m looking for one of these small but fantastic bikes! Can You tell me where to find it here in Europe (I live in Italy)!



  35. They are only in Japan and Australia, so look for a reputable grey importer. Mine is a 1995 model with 97,682 km on the clock (of which I put on 51,000km) and it still drives like a new bike. Maybe just because I don’t redline it that much, but all I’ve had to do was tyres, chain, sprockets and filters, all of which are readily available. If you look after them, these little bikes just don’t quit. I’ve considered getting a DIFFERENT bike, but I love my CB400 so much, I’m now resigned to getting ANOTHER bike 🙂

  36. I need to buy the super four honda hornet 400cc of the year 2005 how much is it ?
    Plz reply to me.. So soon ur reguards by
    Mr Mbaraka from Tanzania

  37. How much for the Honda CB400 new model in singapore dollars ? I am really interested and it is a very cool bike i love it

  38. I left my cb400 spec3 in philippines for 1 yr because of overseas job. Im planning to go home and sell it. Bike was stock for 1 year. Do you think engine still okey? What is the best thing to do when i come home? Please suggest. Thanks

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