Yamaha Nouvo Z

Stylish form, sporty performance, and a sophisticated and comfortable riding feel. The YAMAHA NUOVO Z is a high-quality automatic that delivers to a very high degree. Take pleasure in the enhanced features of the NOUVO Z, available only from YAMAHA, the pioneer of automatics.

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2008 Yamaha Nouvo Z
Category: Cub / Moped / Underbone / Scooter


Type: Forced air cooled 4-stroke, SOHC
Cylinder arrangement: Forward-inclined single cylinder
Displacement: 113 cc
Bore x stroke: 50.0 mm X 57.9 mm
Compression ratio: 8.8 : 1
Maximum horse power: 6.54 kw @ 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 8.62 N.m @ 7000 rpm
Starting system type: Electric starter and kickstarter
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Air filter type: Dry Paper
Carburetor Type/Fuel supply: BS25
Ignition system type: DC – C.D.I
Spark plug model: CR7HSA

Drive Train
Primary reduction system: Gear
Primary reduction ratio: 47/15 3.133
Secondary reduction system: Gear
Secondary reduction ratio: 43/12 3.583
Clutch type: Dry, centrifugal automatic, Coil spring
Transmission type: V-belt automatic
Operation: Centrifugal automatic type

Frame type: Steel tube underbone
Caster angle: 25°00′
Trail: 112mm
Brake type(Front): Single disc brake
Brake type(Rear): Drum brake(Leading trailing)
Inside diameter of drum / Effective radius of disc(Front): 193mm
Inside diameter of drum / Effective radius of disc(Rear): 130mm
Suspension type(Front): Telescopic fork
Suspension type(Rear): Unit swing
Shock absorber assembly type(Front): Coil spring/oil damper
Shock absorber assembly type(Rear): Coil spring/oil damper
Wheel travel(Front): 80mm
Wheel travel(Rear): 75mm
Tire size(Front): 70/90-16 36P
Tire size(Rear): 80/90-16 43P

Battery voltage/capacity: 12V,7Ah
Battery Type: YB7B-B
Headlight bulb type: Incandescence
Headlight: 2, 12V 25W/25W
Auxiliary light: 2, 12V 3.4W
Brake/tail light: 1, 12V 5W/21W
Turn signal light(Front): 2, 12V, 10W
Turn signal light(Rear): 2, 12V, 10W

Overall length: 1935mm
Overall width: 675mm
Overall height: 1090mm
Seat height: 770mm
Wheelbase: 1280mm
Minimum ground clearance: 135mm
Dry(without oil and fuel): 103kg
Wet(with oil and a full fuel tank): 108kg
Fuel tank capacity: 4.8L
Engine oil capacity: 0.9L


46 thoughts on “Yamaha Nouvo Z”

  1. I am ride this scooter for 3 (three) years now,..and it’s still fun to ride……sadly in Indonesia it’s was discontinued on early 2008 due to low sales reason by YAMAHA…….

  2. best matic in my own opinion

    having it for 3 years and still satisfied

    big compartments, can be used for three fat people (me, my wife and my wife’s sis)

    long wheelbase for easy cruising

    a bit hard on spareparts & accessories

  3. Gw pake ouvo dr 2002, dr Owen sampai Z.
    bagasinya gede bro.. mantafff..
    di modif dikit larinya ngacir pisan.
    sayang di stop di pertengahan 2007..

  4. sy pake ini dah hampir 2 tahun, seneng karena modelnya ga pasaran kyk mio.tapi sy bermasalah di beltnya.stelah dipake sodara ke puncak.bunyi kyk tikus cit cit cit cit….., tapi secara kesuluruhan sy suka motor ini.tadinya sy suka vario tapi kalo dari samping kurang sip keliatannya

  5. gw pake motor Nouvo-Z dari tahun 2007,,,sampe sekarang ga ada masalah atawa kendala yang berat..

    i’m just love this motor..!!

    Bravo Yamaha,,,,mo ngeluarin Nouvo lagi ga…?!?!?!??!

  6. NouvoZ keren banget, gak pasaran, gw cat hitam velg, sokbreaker depan, pokoknya bagian bawahnya, trus cat merah Ferrari di bodinya, cakep banget. Cuma sayang variasinya jarang. Ada yang tau di mana yang lengkap variasi NouvoZ?

  7. the bike starts no problems but after about 2 miles down the road it becomes very sluggish and cuts out every time i stopat lights, can anybody help with this problem? please

    1. I recommend using fuel additives: Silkolene Pro Fst or Silkolene Pro Boost. They will improve scoot’s response as well. It may still struggle sometimes anyway. I blocked 2/3 of my air cooler, but can’t really say if it helps.

  8. Amazing Bike!!! go & buy it!!
    The only thing I don’t like are tires….I change the rear for a tubular type & never have a panne again!!
    Original tyres are easy to punch

  9. My question is for Manuel Schafler, about your comments in 06 april 2009: “The only thing I don’t like are tires….I change the rear for a tubular type & never have a panne again!!
    Original tyres are easy to punch”

    Which type o mark of tires he buy for change to tubular type?

  10. skubek ok,dengan tampan ok pula,sayang gw punya masalah diengine gw, tu mesin ngedengung trus…………..,kenapa ya???????????

  11. gw jg pake Nouvo Z dah hampir 3 tahun, enjoy aja sich… tapi gw bingung ama motor gw, krn kdang2 klo lagi hidup pas mau jalan gas di tarik gak mau jalan alias motornya langsung mati…. ada yang punya solusi, tuk atasi masalah motor ku

  12. Ada yang punya info tentang Nouvo Z yang lagi nganggur, yang mau dilipet atau ditukar sama rupiah ? Please e-mail ke Aku ya… thx

  13. dah lama lihat nouvo…seneng krn modelnya up to date jd pas punya duit mau beli tp g ada yg baru, akhirnya nyari2 yg bekas…pengennya yg 2007 tp dptnya 2006, itu jg perakitan 2005 tp g pa2 gw suka cuma klo boleh info ttg pemakaian bbm gimana yah..?gw baru pake 1 bulan ini itung2,, bbm 1:27 apa dah standar atau msh bs irit lg …?

  14. Nuvo, Body keren cuma agak boros aja, but its – Need your advice for maintanance Nuvo di Jakarta dimana ya ? thanks

  15. hi yamaha…..
    gue ethe gue penggila motor yamaha nouvo…tp mau tanya sedikit nich belakangan ini motor nouvo gue yang th 2007 ada masalah dengan pembakaran atau karburator…….setiap motor gue bejek di atas 90 dia slalu brebet….slalu dan slalu……tlng dong kalo lo2 yang pernah ngalamin n tau solusinya email ke gue ya …………..



  16. i’m riding this bike for 5,5 year. engine is good, what i hate this bike is carburetar, from 3 month use until now is valve throttle allway stuck at top, wont go down, so when open throttle after closing engine was shutdown. I have to manualy up/down & run again. No solution from yamaha. But i love my nouvo but i never buy yamaha bike again…

  17. I had my bike since it was launch here in the philippines august 2008 i really love this bike i have no problem ever since i bought it,just a normal maintenance,i hope yamaha will make a nouvo fuel injected fuel system,and i will buy again another one,nice bike

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