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Yamaha FZ16 2013


Yamaha FZ16 2013

Pride of the street

Make way for a revolutionary street machine that overflows with ultimate dynamism, originality and masculinity with intense craftsmanship among all other rivals. The FZ16 takes attention away from others as it hits the road on a raging peek of extreme excitement and envious bragging rights. This high quality masterpiece with vast and precise degree of perfection is without doubt a rage for the next generation.

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Moto Guzzi Breva 1100

A “naked” for the 21st century.

The Breva 1100 is a comfortable “naked” whether you are alone or have a passenger. Like all Moto Guzzis it is rock solid and seems like a 21st century version of an idea by Carlo Guzzi: To build a motorbike for all, using technology to ensure comfort, ease of riding, reliability and a long life. All of this would of course have to lie beneath an attractive exterior with clean lines that form an unmistakeable style. The beauty of the Breva 1100 doesn’t hide but enhances its high-tech soul. The jutting cylinder heads and the bulk of the Moto Guzzi patented shaft drive system only add to its beauty.

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