Yamaha Sniper 135

SNIPER 135 embodies the challenger spirit and expertise that YAMAHA has accumulated over the years in races around the world. This is the first ASEAN moped to feature a liquid-cooled 4-valve engine. Its sleek form was designed to ensure excellent riding dynamics and deliver unprecedented performance.


The SNIPER 135’s power unit is liquid-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder 4-valve engine with the advanced technologies, DiASil cylinder, lightweight forged piston and TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). The engine meets all the needs of a next-generation engine not only in terms of improved drivability, but also in terms of reliability, economy and environment-friendliness.

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2008 Yamaha Sniper 135
Category: Cub / Moped / Underbone


Type: Liquid cooled 4-stroke,SOHC
Cylinder arrangement: Single cylinder
Displacement: 134.4 cc
Bore x stroke: 54.0 x 58.7mm
Compression ratio: 10.9 : 1
Maximum horse power: 8.45kW @ 8500rpm
Maximum torque: 11.65 N.m @ 5500rpm
Starting system type: Electric starter and kickstarter
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Radiator capacity(including all routes): 0.6 li
Air filter type: Dry paper filter element
Carburetor Type/Fuel supply: VN22*1
Ignition system type: DC CDI
Spark plug model: CPR8EA,U24EPR-9

Drive Train
Primary reduction system: Gear
Primary reduction ratio: 69/24 2.875
Secondary reduction system: Chain drive
Secondary reduction ratio: 39/15 2.600
Clutch type: Wet, multiple-disc and centrifugal automatic
Transmission type: Constant mesh 4-speed
Operation: Left foot operation
Gear ratio-1st gear: 34/12 (2.833)
Gear ratio-2nd gear: 30/16 (1.875)
Gear ratio-3rd gear: 23/17 (1.353)
Gear ratio-4th gear: 23/22 (1.045)

Frame type: Diamond
Caster angle: 25.5°
Trail: 75mm
Brake type (Front): Hydraulic single disc brake
Brake type (Rear): Drum brake (Leading, trailing)
Inside diameter of drum / Effective radius of disc (Front): φ192
Inside diameter of drum / Effective radius of disc (Rear): φ130
Suspension type (Front): Telescopic fork
Suspension type (Rear): Swingarm
Shock absorber assembly type (Front): Coil spring/oil damper
Shock absorber assembly type (Rear): Coil spring/oil damper
Wheel travel (Front): 100 mm
Wheel travel (Rear): 90 mm
Tire size (Front): 70/90-17M/C 38P
Tire size (Rear): 80/90-17M/C 44P

Battery voltage/capacity: 12V 5.0Ah
Battery Type: YB5L-B
Headlight bulb type: Krypton bulb
Headlight: 1, 12V, 32W/32W
Auxiliary light: 2, 12V, 5.0W
Brake/tail light: 1, 12V, 21.0W/5.0W
Turn signal light (Front): 2, 12V, 10.0W
Turn signal light (Rear): 2, 12V, 10.0W

Overall length: 1945mm
Overall width: 705mm
Overall height: 1065mm
Seat height: 770mm
Wheelbase: 1245mm
Minimum ground clearance: 140mm
Dry (without oil and fuel): 103.0kg
Wet (with oil and a full fuel tank): 109.0kg
Fuel tank capacity: 4.0L
Engine oil capacity: 1.1L


242 thoughts on “Yamaha Sniper 135”

  1. how many kilometers per liters for this motorcycle i have this motor last month and this is very comportable for me and very fast compare to other model

    1. Gas consumption with an average of 60 kilometers per liter can be achieved if running on 5th gear, with a speed of 60 kph and above (long drive). If you only run on 3rd gear with an average speed of 30 kph, expect higher gas consumption like 40 kms per liter (city driving).

  2. i have sniper, 2 weeks pa lang sya.nagtataka lang ako sayfor example naka 4 gear nako pagpahinto nako magbabawas nako pero once na nasagad ko sa neutral,tapos ibabalik ko sa 1 gear minsan hindi sya pumapasok agad/help nmn sa mga nakakaalam

    1. Hi anthony… I bought my sniper 135 3 days ago… I’ve had the same experience while using it. Few times I’ve had neutral position on the 5th down gear. I guess it’s part of it’s engine feature. Few times din na hindi pumasok yung gear. One time nga my kickstarter went slack at di na mag start but it went fine naman after few tries. Probably, the unit is adjusting to it’s owner. Try observing further na lang and visit the technician if it bothers you that much. Thanks bro!

    2. bro meron din ako sniper 5 mons old 2458 ung odo nya…. never ko syang na experience til now smooth na smooth ung andar nya… check u sa mechanic.. or gamit ka oil na hiyang ng motor u… yamalube 20-50

    3. i have also a sniper model 2009, i would to share it to u kung paano gagawin pag na-experience mo ng ganun,ung hind papsok agad sa 1st gear from neutral position.i-try mong i-roll konti ung gulong pag nakasakay ka,mga about 5 inches then apakan mo ulit yung kambio sa ist gear,papasok na un.lahat ng motor ganun e.ihanap mo lng.ang sniper hanggang 4th gear lng

      1. My LC 135 model 2009 from Malaysia Yamaha is 4-stroke gear (1 down & 3 ups and its neutral is between 1&2 gear). It’s hand clutch. To have an easy gearing you need to speed it a bit more. It is fuel efficient or it consumes 1 litre fuel for 60 km or an average 50km/hr in gear 4 running in not too smooth and not too wide cemented road here in Sulu.

    1. sa 15 months na experience ko sa sniper ko,pag sa hi-way ako, 60km per liter pero pag usual na gamit like city driving mga 50km per liter.tagal k ng inobserbahan i2ng consumption ng motor ko average is 1 km is 1 peso ang consumption nya.at depende rin sa driving style mo,pag lgi ka harurot sa lower gears,mas makunsumo offcourse sa gas.e2 experience ko,byahe ako from lasam to 2guegarao city about 86kms un.and round trip ko lng ay 150-160 pesos lng.

      1. taga lasam ako pre, 35 months na snipee ko, spark plug palang napalitan @ 27K odo. tumakaw ng gas kc naka tuned pipe nk, hi way ay 55kph @ 60-70 kph ang speed

    1. good question bro… I wanna also ask if there’s any accessory for this unit which can hold my laptop bag and other things between the seat and the headlight? I find it difficult using a knapsack/backpack with a back rider.

  3. you sure that sniper is 135cc??? i dont think so… i have suzuki raider 125 or suzuki fx machine on other country but my “STOCK” motorcycle is faster than YAMAHA SNIPER and I thought i was just sniper 130cc. sorry but this was tested on drag. thanks

    1. bro dyan lng me ndi blib sa suzuki…. if u notice ndi tlga raider 150 ang unang lumbas kundi raider 125…. just to find out ndi pla 125cc ang karga ng raider….. para lng plabasn na mas matulin ang motor nila… un pla 150cc ang karga.. pro kasbihan nga walng lihim na ndi aalingasaw….. kya lumbas ang tunay na anyo ng raider na ngbabalat kayo lng pla sa 125cc… peace bro…

      1. indi po ako pro raider kc crython & sniper ang unit ko. unang lumabas talaga ang raider 125cc, naglabas lng sila ng 150cc para sa kumpitenxa ng mga underbone. please check the specs. of raider 125cc & 150cc. tnx… peace 😉

    2. 135 cc lng sniper pero pag i-compare specs nya sa suzuki,malayo.bore lng ng sniper ay 54mm,katapat lng ng shogun pro 125 pero pag sa gas consumption,anlayo agwat.tipid sniper.may nakarera ako na shogun pro 125.stock kmi pareho.di nman makahabol skin kht nkayuko pa sya.at isa pa,mabigat sniper,sa akin, di advisable for drag race kc 112 kgs.malalaki mga bore kc mga suzuki kaya sobrang takaw sa gas.

      1. tol pwd magtnung ung sniper q kc pagnkaneutral aq cnagad ko ang selinyador paputolputol na ung tunog parang “plak plak plak”ganyan na ung tunog nya….help naman oh…plz

      2. tol pwd magtnung ung sniper q kc pagnkaneutral aq cnagad ko ang selinyador paputolputol na ung tunog parang “plak plak plak”ganyan na ung tunog nya….help naman oh…plz

      3. lugi tlga shogun dun.. 4 valve kya ang sniper kumpara mu nmn sa 2 valve lng.. tska 53 – 55 bore ng shogun bro.. 54 – 58 sa sniper.. mlaki ung sa sniper…

    3. bro, of course sniper is 135cc. maybe the driver of the sniper lacks the driving skills or he is not that skillful when it comes to racing.

    4. sa drag pero subukan mong nakarekta….di nga makahabol sa rektahan skin ang naka tuned pipe na raider 150, 125 pa kaya? all stock sniper ko

  4. ganda na sna ang sniper kaso lng wlang u box……….ang mahal nman ng mga accesories ng sniper at napakahirap pang mag hanap……………………….

      1. wla ako masabi sa performance ng sniper,matulin,tipid sa gas,at lalong lalo sa comfort mo sa driving,wala vibration unlike mga ibang model.ang ganda pa bihisan.panoorin nyo yamaha sniper 135 vs suzuki raider 150 sa circuit.

    1. sir, ask ko lng meron bang clutch ang sniper?
      i’m hoping sana na semi-automatic sya ung may gear lng tpos la clutch.
      pls inform me naman oh.

    1. paltan mo ng racing cam at cdi…. tpos… paltan mo din ng kitty racing clutch and paltan mo un silinyador ng png bigbike… tpos open na racing pipe un original….. kung meron, bili kapa ng racing carb… dpat puro original…. mga 40 k pa gagastusin mo para magawa mo un…. tlagang sibak pati barako at raider….

  5. since the day i saw this motor.. i’ve been wishing every night that someday i can afford to buy this motorcycle. hehehe not an affordable type.. hope its price really is for what its really worth..80k wtf!!! .. is it really worth it?.. nice look, 135cc huh.. but no u-box. hmmmm… im planning to have one maybe next year… but maybe there’s more to come for yamaha, hope honda could have to, so there will be more to choice from. hehhe… I WANT THAT SNIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG!!!♥♥♥♥SNIPER♥♥♥♥

  6. im sure that my sniper’s gonna beat a suzuki 150’s ass down!.. im willing to give it a shot if you like to test the real mean of yamaha sniper is.. c’mon!
    dont be too shavy about your gaddamn raider.. your age of suzuki 150 is OVER man!! its over….

    1. Raider R 150cc Twin Overhead Cam vs Sniper 135 Single Overhead Cam .. Speed Not Nessesarily Means The Best Bike !! .. But Seeing Your Talking About Speed .. Never In A Million Years Will A Standard SNIPER .. Beat A Standard RAIDER R .. The Sniper Is Built For Ladies In The West .. Lol Man.

  7. ei guys… mga sniper riders jan… maganda talaga sniper… we had our group named SNIPER GUILD at Norkis Candon City Ilocos Sur… bili na rin kau ng sniper then sali kayu sa grupo namin sa candon…hehehe

    1. bos panu sumali jan s group ninyo d2 me s quezon city manila. my sniper ako 1mnth palang saken kaso parang malamya tumakbo gusto ko imodify

      1. talagang ganyan sa una sniper,nsa break in period plang kc motor mo e,na experience kn rn yan,ganun din feeling ko nun,prang di makatakbo.hwg mo muna pilitin tatakbo ng mabilis.darating din araw,subukan mo.lahat naman motor,di makatakbo pag bago e.

    1. SIR MARK panu ba suMaLi SenYo . . . . ? para naman me Group na ren aq 2geder ma Sniper ride hehe sana maka saLii aq senYo pm mu q sa YM q anjo_cute_21@y.c tenks Sir ! ! ! ! !

      1. 200 CC ka nga e, 135 cc lang kalaban mo, ngayn may 135 din ang rouser, ayan ang patas,naging inutil tuloy ang rouser, e 200 cc nga hirap na hirap humabol sa akin e

      2. di ko nga makita sa likod ko rouser 200 cc sa likod ko pag may konting liko liko ang daan, panis kahit 200 cc pa sya

      3. sabi nga ng fren ko kaya umabot ng 138kph ang rouser 200, e 120 kph ko palang nung overtake ko na sya at very2 long stretch?

  8. sniper is the best smooth drive no vibration verry cool at hinde pa masyadong nag hihinit ang engine nya. sarap mag drive ng sniper guys try it to believe it……. the best sniper compare to raider…..

  9. i have own sniper 135 set up na cya replica lang ang kulang bago lang kc kaya hinde kopa pina replica guys sa totoo lang ung meron mga raider d2 sa amin tulo laway ni kapag nkikita nila ang sniper ko hanep sa porma at performance swabe. anyway my sniper is stock engine top speed is 140 dba ok na un hinde naman sa pabilisan yan nasa porma din ng motor yan at performance and tibay ng motor dba guys . kaya mag sniper na kayo sniper is the best choice………..

  10. tama ka jn tol’ gandang pamporma ang sniper lalo na kung may kasama ka chicks… wag lang pahuhuli kay misis…mga tol’try nyo sniper, khit may kawasaki sr n aq bumili pa rin aq ng sniper ganda e…

  11. meron ako sniper before then after 6 months naisipan ko bumili ng mio soul, ayun kinabitan ko ng side car ung sniper ko kc kumportable nako sa mio soul i like it e.
    ok din ung sniper atleast my hanapbuhay n ung tito ko na jobless..


  12. hmmmm.. tol tama ka palagay ko nga masarap idrive ang sniper kapag my sidecar.. hehehe bibili din ako pero magiipon muna, tapos sasali ako sa SNIPER GUILD s condon.. wahahaha!

  13. Mga tol kung ako sa inyo i bet sniper,, bumili na rin me this nov 7, 09 lng ..very comfortable idrive, napakaganda ng makina smooth manakbo en malakas pa.. en design ng motor unique talaga lahat mapapalingon kc kakaiba…. try nyo para maniwala kayo….

  14. nako kahit wala pa ako sniper i can say na sulit pera nyo pag bumili kayo.. kya nga binenta q raider 150 q eh.. bilis ma losyang ng raider lalo na pag bugbog sa drag.. tested na yan…

  15. men ang masasabi ko lang senio COOL ang Sniper kaya makipag sabayan sa RAIDER dahil nasubokan ko na KARGADO pa kami PREHO walang problema sa SET up basta YAMAHA ung BArkada ko nga me RAiDER benenta nia pinalitan nya ng SNIPER ee kC CooL “HEAD TURNER ” ang SNIPER depende sa pag DADALA LaLo qng Me Chique na BITBIT =)

  16. tol dalawa na sniper namin….subukan nyo rin kahit isa lang….. may mga bagung kulay na…. happy new year to all……. 2010 na!!!

  17. hhhhmmmmmmmm… i got 1… its d best… try nyo!!! talagang merry ang x’mas-new year ko… hehehe.. GIFT 2 myself! e-ilan lng kami may SNIPER d2 sa BUKIDNON-LANAO DEL SUR! YAMAHA GOD-BLESS!!!

  18. oo nga mga tol…this is my first time to use sniper…very satisfied…break-in pa lng 120 na…ok lng ba yun? pero smooth na smooth…san ba may magaling na nagseset-up dito sa manila?

  19. mas maganda ang sniper ksa sa raider 150r… 135 parang naka raider kana din…kaso nga lang 4speed lang xa…panu pa kaya kong naka 6speed ang sniper talo na siguro ang raider..hihihih.. meon na din kming sniper my uncle n my kuya tsaka bili din ako nyan pag nabenta kona ung xrm kong hanep sa modified…

  20. wag na kau mag SNIPER 135 walang bisa , panget un guys’z pr0mise.. mag p0cket biKe n lng kaU .. Kc SNIPER 135 LOCAL LANG YAN! Itanung mu sa YAMAHA , LOCAL TLGA UN! Niluluga un sa H0nda 125 q , parehas ST0CK ANG MAKINA, PER0 IWAN ANG SNIPER 135 DUN SA ST0CK H0NDA 125 K0, TESTED NA UN dto m0r0ng rizaL, kht sa DRAG iwan.. tas sa CIRCUIT iwan dn.. Walang bisa tlga t0L .. mag p0cket bIke n lng kau, kesa mag sniper kau.. TANGA NMAN KAU MAG DRIVE IH!! O kya mag TRICYCLE DRIVER NA LNG KAU! Mga b0b0.! PR0MISE! RacIng t0h.. ““suicide nb kau mag drive? Tanga kau ee! B0b0 pa! Haha. INANG NYU!

    1. oi… subukan mo karerahin ang YRCC sa cavite…. bka iwan ang motor mo… crypton lng ang katapat mo…. bka talunin pa ng wave alpha ko un motor mo…. hehehe….. mas mabilis ang lumang wave hamak sa mga bago… tested na 100%….. wag na umangal…..

    2. tlga?pnta ka d2 sa gensan pra malaman mo kng gano kalayo ang iwan ng mo2r mo.kmi nag cham sa suzuki challenge.drag race compi..kmi nag lban sa final ng tga malaysia

    3. @baloga,,,,,,,,,tang inamo ka yabang wave ,,,tpos svi tlo sniper click mo drag race or circuit champion 2010,,,,,,,,,miko buncio champion YAMAHA SNIPER gmit nya,,,,,,,khit sa big bike 600cc,,,s miko ko nksli sa underbon,,dsqualfide nga wave 125 kz bulok na ska 150cc open,,,,,,,,kya ntkot ang honda,,,,bobo ka baloga,,,,pa kilo m n yan,,akin n bilhin ko bnta ko sa mgbobote,,,,,,,tang ina ka,,,,,,gago ka pa,,,,,

    4. tanga k pala eh… palibhasa puro matic alam.. mag isa ka jan sa pocket bike mo…… ipagdasal m lng lng hindi kita madaanan pag dala ko ung honda 1300cc ko…. sasagasaan ko yang pocket bike mo kasama ka… kahit mgfullface helmet ka pa. tingnan ko lng kun g ipgmalaki mo pa yang pocket bike mo…. mas maganda itago m na lang yan sa bulsa mo. tutal for pocket lng naman yan……..nyeyaaaahahhahahhahh


  22. khit anu pang gwin niong mga putang ina nio wla tlga kaung alm dhl kambiong pamasada lng kya nio gwin sah karera….mga ungazzzzz!

  23. astig ang sniper… sisibak un mga barako 175 samin khit nkaopen… mabilis umarangkada un raider 150 pero mas mabilis un sniper sa sagadan ng takbo…. byebye raider 150….. 150 kapa naman…. lalo na pag parehas nakaopen… iwan un raider…..

    1. tama ka Bro ay agree… magaling lang ang raider 150 sa unang rangkadahan pero talo pa rin ang Raider 150 ng sniper 135 sa sagadang takbo….ang raider 6 speed pero humihina torque nya… ang yamaha sniper 4 speed lang pero lintik ang torque power nya….talo raider.. nasubukan ko na yan.. yabang nga ng raider eh pero sa huli byebye raider iwan na sya hehehehe…

    2. at hindi pa modified ang sniper ko talo ko pa ang raider…pano pa kaya kung i modified ko pa sniper ko iwan ko lang…

  24. subok ko na ang wave 125 at rider 150….. maarangkada lng khit nkaopen…. pero iniiwanan ako ng tropa ko na my sniper….. laging iwan ang wavw125 at raider 150 pag nagrarides kmi…. daya tlga…..

    1. ang yabang mo pare, e.pipe mo ang raider at sniper tingnan natin……….. ang sniper parang pagong tumakbo…… approximately 130kph lg stock ng sniper samantala ang raider mkaka160 ang stock nyan… gaAAAAAGGGOOOOO….

      1. its a big no no no to ur raider speed bro….we already tested, i have may own sniper, i borrowed the raider of my friend, my speed is at cruising 152 km/hr pero di ko mahabol mga tumatakbo lng ng 125-130 km/hr na mga naka sniper kasama c snipee ko hahaha…madaya speed ni raider hahahaha….120 lng ng sniper, hinahabol na hininga c raider…

  25. my yamaha sniper 135, 6 mos old with odo of 3451 equip with BRT racing cdi, and ten cut racing pipes….. guess what panis ang raider r 150 n nk open pipe ….. pagbitaw p lng ng clucth sa 1st gear ndi na nk sabay tsk tsk tsk wawa nmn ung raider 150


    2. oo tama to sau .. may sniper ako at kabarkada ko drag nami sa raider 3tmes inulit talo talaga raider.. nka brt at nka namban pipe ang sniper.. wlang sinabe raider..

  26. Mga bro isa lang masasabi ko pareparehas lang tayong nag eenjoy mag motor and para sa atin motor natin ang malakas…Ride safe lang mga bro…i have also sniper and wala akong masabi sa performance…smooth and comfortable idrive at wala kang masasabi sa speed….

  27. i have sniper automatic clutch edition at wala akong masabi sa takbo,sniper black 4 months old with 3600 od…update nyo lang yung maintenance mga bro…and i also use V Power of Shell na gasoline…ang lakas ng hatak maganda yung sunog ng gasolina… Tips lang yan mga bro yan din gamit ng maraming sniper users….just visit our web site YamahaT135.com…GOD SPEED….And Ride Safe Always mga brod…isa lang buhay natin….

    1. gnun ba un na rin ang gagamitn q…nu motor oil n maganda sa sniper???.aus lang ba n open ang carborador ng sniper n may lutch??

  28. mga tol , ilang klometer bgo mkapag pa takbo kayo ng 140 above? 130 lang kc ung npatakbo ko sa automatic sniper q. click dn dito sa samar ung sniper.

    1. tol pnu nyo napapatakbo ng 130 above ang sniper nyo????ung skin kc 120 lng top speed nya…tulong nman jan gusto ko rin ganyan din takbo ng motor ko….

  29. hehehe nakaka tuwa talaga yung nag sabing kayang iwanan ng honda ang sniper….crypton z ko nga panis na yung xrm na 125 stock to stock sniper na ba kaya, wala yatang alam yung hunghang na yun hayzzz…mahirap mag assume na magaling…

    1. d kya ng xrm tlga ung crypton z mo sa stock.. wala limit yang cdi ng crypton z kumpara mo sa xrm125.. limited kc ung power ng xrm 125 na stock..

  30. guys kahit stock lang gamit mo palit kalang ng “DENSO” IRIDIUM sparkplug ayos n takbo ng stock mas mabilis mong makuha yung topspeed ng motor mo TRY no guys ingats lang sa mag kaskasero gaya ng sabi ni sniper black isa lang buhay natin…suzuki,honda,yamaha, pare parehas lang tyung may motor mag kakaiba lang tayu ng taste..nasa nag mamaneho lang guys wala din sa bilis mag patakbo….

  31. mga guys d2 s europe crypton x ang name ng sniper d2 , almost 13k n natakbo ng crypton x ko pero never p ako pumunta sa mga service mechanic, at until now ok parin ang takbo,pero d2 kailangan lang magandang klase ng gulong pag winter kc madulas ang kalsada at medyo nag frofrooze ang gulong ,at sa tingin ko mas original ang spare parts d2 basta sa yamaha spare parts shop ka bibili, sa pinas guys meron ba bilihan ng 150cc na set piston n block kung meron sabihin nyo naman at magkano kc mahal d2 almost 440 euro kc bka jan mas mura ng konti

    1. tol ,,,,tips lng wg kang plit ng palit,,,,,,,ng gasolina kz uusok yan,,,,,,,,dpat isa lng gmitin mo shell v power ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,yan gmit ko,,,,,,,,,stock ang sniper ko nptakbo ko n ng 130 nd p sagad un,,,,,ingat lng sa pgddrive,,,,,,,,

  32. mabilis nga mkuha ng sniper un topspeed nya pero pg nkuha n ala n prang dn rerekta. stock to stock ky iwan raider 150 kc nga 4 speed lng sniper eh un raider hihintayin png mg 5th gear bgo rumekta. Anyway ride safe. Race on tracks not on street.

  33. hello po, natuwa po aku sa mga nabasa ku na comment. Sa totoo lng po recent lng aku nahilig sa mga motorbike, at search lng po aku ng search ng mga trip ku na motor at may t0p 4 aku pero isip isip ko dapt isa lng ang gusto ku dapt pg aralan ku kung anu yung pinkada best na motor so yun tlga ang pg iipunan ko at base po sa mga nabasa kong kaalaman para sakin, Da best tlga ang YAmaha Sniper, ngayun hindi naku mguguluhan pa sa gusto kung mgkaroon n motor. dati naguguluhan paku sa apat eh. Totoo po bng delikado tlga mg MOtor?

    1. oo,,,dpinde sa ngddla ingat lng lgi ska dpat bli ka din ng armor sa ktwan 4 safety,,,,,tama bit mo sniper s d best,,,,,,,,,,,wla aq msvi lalo n pg npset up ,,,ska pg gsto mo mg open pipe wiwifuck blhin mo aztig tyo dun,,,,,ska msmganda bmli ngayon kz 5speed n ang sniper swerte mo pare gnda nun,,,panis n nmn raider 150,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  34. gud pm sir bossing. gusto ko sana ng imodifiedvang yamaha 135 ko. ano po ang magandang setup sa yamaha ko. at san po puwedeng bumili ng mga pang set up. kung puwede po or my marerecomend kayong store na pu\wede kung mabilhan. at nsa mga magkano po ang magagastos. thanks nd more power.

  35. ashk ko lng po anu ung fuel consumptio nya ang sniper 135???????
    sample eh ung 40 km= how many liters ang magagasta nya??

  36. ang plaplano na akong bumili ng sniper..yan talaga yung dream motor koh..
    ihope this comming may makakamit ko na ang hinahangad ko..
    sniper is da best 😀

    ask ko lang available pa ba ding yung black metalic na sniper yung kc favorite color ko
    thumbs up for sniper

  37. hey guys! share nmn kau ng tips kng pano aabot ng 180kph ung takbo.
    sniper ko kc hindi aabot nang ganun.! wag nmn kaung maging others!
    priho lng tau d2 ng rides, dapit nga tau mag tulongan, db..


  39. pwde ho bang patulong kng paano mpapabilis ang sniper na stockbore and stroke lg? nkaclucthspring na rin po at pipe pro 135kph lg tlaga… suggestion nman poh… maraming salamat..

  40. na ko tol,! eh sa ganyan sistema aabot tlaga ng mataas na speed eh kaso nga lang parang bumili dn tau ng bagong unit sa gagastosin natin nyan ahh..

  41. ganun na nga!prang bumili ka ng bagong motor.tip pra sa gs2 lumakas ang motor ng stock bore at stock stroke,top nyu lng piston nyu.tanggalan nyu base gasket,taz mg BRT CDI ka.yan.sure lalakas motor nyu sa highway.ano ba sprocket nyu?38 prin ba ang rear nyu?akin 16,32

    1. pano kung denso iridium spark plug lang ang pilit mo nd nka open pipe, kaya nabang 2makbo ng 150km ung sniper? reply knaman racing boy..

  42. mg 16,32 ka pg modified na motor mo.pg stock ka lng wala tau magawa nyan.di tlga aabot sa gs2 mong speed.ganun din ako dati gs2ng mapa lakas ang sniper,kaya gumastos ako.pero kng gs2 mo hnd maxadong ma bigat sa bulsa,bili ka ng carb,28mm.at racing cam,CDI.yan ok na yan.aabot na sa 150speed mo nyan.

  43. hello everyone, may sniper naba na speed 5. kasi kung meron na eh un na ung kukunin ko nakapag down na kasi ako eh wala pa skin d2 kasi smin sa tayabas quezon by order ang sniper eh.advis nmn jan please!!!

    1. hoy tanga gusto mo pala ng motor bakit jjan k sa bundok nghahanap,,,, punta k ng syudad,,, meron dun sniper mx… un 5 speed….. para hindi k na magmukhang ignorante…..

  44. may speed 5 napo ba ngaun ang sniper kasi gusto ko speed 5 ung skin kasi speed 4 lang sa 30 kopa kukunin by order kasi d2 samin sa tayabas quezon ang sniper medyo mahalang kasi ang price…advise nmn po jan

  45. hi mga bro sniper parin tayo solid.ang sniper malakas humatak tipid sa gasolina mahal ngalang ang piyesa pero ok lang yun sulit naman ang takbo..sabi nga ni valentino rossi noon. sun and moon day and night beauty and beast i love racing i love yamaha……hehehehe….

  46. tanong lang po mga sniper user’s, what gas ang gamit nyo sa pang-araw2x na gamit?
    Unleaded kc recommended nya tapos ang nilagay ko premium, ok lang ba un.Tsaka ano po ung kaibahan ng premium and unleaded

  47. tae ang sniper… wala sa xrm 125 motard ko yan panis sinubukan ko iwan cya ng paahon tae tlaga………..

    1. the best parin ang HONDA tol, good quality, performance and acceleration. hintayin nyo lng my lalabas n bgong honda tatapatan yang sniper at raider nyu.

      1. walang kwenta yan…. para lng candy yan kahit sa meron…… puro png tamad yan kc matic…. iba pa rin ung my hand clutch… for professional tlga

  48. Ok mga tol sinple lang to, ang stock sniper 135 =11+ hp ang stock raider 150 =16 hp pati s torque figures ay mas mataas.. Paano naging masmabilis ang sniper sa raider? unless nabobolahan kyo db? alam nyo b para ma reach ang 170 kph kailangan at least more than 26 hp ang motor or pababa ng bundok! dapat pati final drive ratio match sa powerband ng engine

  49. ung iba kc jan sira ang speedo o kya sobrang liit ng gulong kya malaki ang speedometer error..pwede rin mismatch ang gear ratio

  50. just because the speedo says 160 doesn’t mean it can reach it ok.. the world record in the salt flats for a stock 150 to 175 cc bike is 99 mph, that’s almost 160 kph. the record is held by a stock honda production bike 150cc 2stroke GP bike replica w/ almost 40 HP. that’s right it’s a 2 STROKE, more powerful than a 4 stroke! I think owners of stock snipers and raiders w/ only 12 & 16 hp to play with, who thinks their bikes are unbellievably fast and can reach a true top speed of 160 or even 180 kph should just break that record.No wait.. wake up guys it’s not possible, top speed is measured both ways w/ accurate instruments and a speed trap, it is not your true top speed if your going down hill. even a stock 2011 ninja 250 and CBR 250R w/ approx. 25 hp and 15 ft/lbs of torque has a hard time reaching 150 kph, that’s according to the magazines who tested it. I assure you those magazines are credible. A question for the sniper & raider owners..do you really think your stock 135 & 150cc is faster than the latest model 250’s??!

  51. sir un po bang ginamit sa drag race e stock engine? sa drag race indi lng po lakas ng motor ang basihan, nsa rider rin. peace 😉

  52. masmaganda at superior ang manual clutch kesa automatic, ask any professional racer of motocross and circuit bikes or even race cars. pero wala nman problema kung ang skill level ng rider ay bagay lang sa automatic basta city riding lang at hindi mahilig kumarera or magbanking sa corner ok na yun, meron kc ibang rider na wala talagang skill sa manual eh…isipin nyo na lang bkit lahat ng bigbikes manual clutch.. dba?!

  53. mas magaling sa cornering ang sniper subok un sarap gamitin!!
    pro pg drag racing ang laban hari prin ang raider r150

  54. ung sniper namin dito..wala na lomalaban..kahit r150..+ 1block sa drag race..iiwanan prin ang r150 dating sa dulo..

  55. Sniper is The Best….. Noon hanggang ngayon…. In Love na Talaga Ako sa Sniper Ko…. since 2008….. naka full mode na ngayon…. try nyo lang….. para masubokan….. ^__^

  56. CIRE
    I bought my new motorcycle w/c is sniper mx wla ako msbi msrp idrive at mlkas humatak 1wik plng sya kya dko pa msabi kng hanggang san ung topspeed nya..

  57. malufet basta pgka yamaha………………no comment………………..sniper ang ride ko….paniiz ka,,,,,,,,,,,,

  58. maintenance free ako sa sniper ko………..yamaha malufet dba?/////nong bumili ako tsamba.my kasamang washing machine…..OH DBA?

    1. normal lang yan sa topsped na 110 sa all stock engine sniper gee. para maka less expenses ka wag na masyado loaded, cdi lang tsaka je.tings. lalakas na yan.

  59. plan to buy sniper kaso face out n ung classic.. maxadong bulky kasi ung mx tapos halos same price lng raider 150.. ang kupad ba s takbohan.. pahelp po baka may 2nd hand sniper classic jan n ibbinta…tnx

  60. bos pasali me diperensya b pg ang sniper pg sa unang birit ay umalolog, para kc d gnu kumkagat un gear, pero pag kumgat n wla n okey n takbo mbilis n. 2 yrs n skin kc un snipy ko 2009 model. nppsin ko lng pg stop o stable sya tas unti ko ikot trotle ang huni ng gear ay gru grugrud… pintinigin ko s mekaniko tel baka dumper lng sa loob ng makina, pero maganda p nmn un makina at malinis un lng un tunog n un ang ayw ko hehehehe, panu b un mga sir…. un lng ayaw ko pg mg arangkada lng ska lng tutunog… if tuloy n swabe ang takbo… norrmal lng po b or anu pom sugestion nmn bout dis… new lng me kc dito…vigan city

  61. agan agan sekalian ada yang jual striping yamah sniper 135 warna biru ngga ? klo ad bisa kasih info ke e-mail saya (hilmi_kautsar@yahoo.com)

  62. I have this yamaha sniper classic 2006 model (the day I purchased it) (thailand version with the fat mags) and it still up and running for nearly a decade until now. with this realiablity I assure you my bike experience is definitely awesome. I had experienced using this bike on rides and different adventures. touring and normal day to day use. with modifications up to 180cc for a straight good 6 years (planning to make it to a 200cc plus though). Tossing and hustling it around. I even tried to abused this bike with modifications to its limits and everything but still it works so fine. with a proper engine maintenance and a good mechanic this bikes will last long as long you wanted to. I’ve been grateful to this bike and its worth to keep it didn’t even come to myself that I would sell this bike. I love this bike. Try this bike. you won’t be disappointed. just my two cents. 🙂

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