Z200 Upgrades and Modifications:

Compiled from MCP, http://www.motorcyclephilippines.com

Biggest and safest tire size for Z200:
Front tire: 120/70/17 (@ 30psi)
Rear tire: 160/60/17 (@ 35psi)

Shaving the foam of Z200 seat:
Comfortable size: 1.5″ – 2″ height

Sprocket combination:
Stock 15t engine, 46t rear change to 16t engine, 42 rear

For speed upgrade:
By daany_blkz2 of MCP

1. I-H-E = intake-header-exhaust
–> this means, change your stock air filter to an open type like K&N for a breathable and high flow intake. More air means more gasoline intake for more power. Be sure to properly adjust your air and fuel mixture to prevent it from running too lean or too rich. Check your spark plug for indicators. Cost for this mod: P400-P600 depending on your air filter brand and filtercharger oil.
–> for z200 no need to change the pipe coming out of your single cylinder engine, unless you want to go for a 1-2 header and a twin pipe. It will look good and will give you more power as it will decrease back pressure, and give you better sound. I went for the single pipe.
–> change your stock pipe. remove the very heavy baffle inside your stock pipe. That will easily give you a 3 to 4.5 kg or more weight loss!
–> fit your headers or down pipe with a free flow muffler similar to race cars. Just keep your stock measurements. fill up your muffler with a fiberglass and steel wool combination so it sounds more like a sportbike and not a harley. Mod cost P2,000-6,000 depending on brand, materials and customization.
–> you don’t just stick the steel wool in the muffler, you use it as a lining between your “muffler can” and the perforated stainless tubing (tubo na tinadtad ng drill holes). a combination of fiberglass and steel wool is ok, or you may opt for an all fiberglass lining. btw, use stainless steel wool.

2. weight is the enemy. – by doing step 1, you’ve already lost 5 kgs of weight by taking out the stock air filter assembly and the heavy exhaust. Now, you may want to remove your rear handle bars for another .75kg.
mod cost: Free!

3. ignition for power – change your stock sparkplug. you may want to see strong blue sparks coming out of your plugs not faint yellow lights. get iridium plugs or splitfire. you may also want to change your spark plug cable to double or triple core for stronger sparks. another option is to install an ignition booster similar to msd on cars. There are available ignition boosters for bikes. Mod cost: P2,000

4. use high temp 4-stroke motor oil since you will be driving your engine hard. CHANGE OIL REGULARLY 2x a year or depending on your use and mileage.

5. install a battery powered CDI

6. observe proper break in. If you want to make a race car out of your engine, break it hard. Go for high speeds and high rpms. If you want a slow car, break it according to your manual. The same is true with motorcycles. with your Z2, break it in by varying high and low speed runs. Go for the 8500 to 10000 rpm range when you’re shifting from 3rd-4th-5th gears. for lower gears, 1st and 2nd, keep it within 6500-7500 rpm. Just make sure you have enough road in front of you. Better yet, go to BRC. – i’m sure some of you will disagree but this is how i break in my car and my motorcycle. My proton pert with a 1300 engine runs to a top speed of 175 kph easy and will beat any 1.6 or 2.0 stock car. your Z2 can achieve more. mine tops at 145 kph because of this break in and above mods.

7. before breaking in hard, always warm up your engine for a good 5 to 10 mins. A cold engine can easily break down at high speeds/rpms.

8. upgrade to better tyres for more traction control and handling. changing to lightweight rims if available can give you more top end.

9. get higher octane unleaded gas for better burning and to prevent engine knocks.

10. after doing all of the above, get a good helmet like HJC, KBC or Arai. Not only will you look pogi, you’ll also save your skull in case of a crash.


9 thoughts on “Z200 Upgrades and Modifications:”

  1. my prob wd my z200,madali lang talaga maubos engine oil kahit 100 km pa lang ang tinakbo. hndi nman umuusok ang pipe!wla naman leaking. normal lng ba uusok ang oil breather during long dstance ride?plz help,.

  2. sir ang alam ko dipo nauubos ang engine oil,atsaka d uusok po ung oil breather….ang maganda po jan pacheck nyo sa magaling na mechaniko..

  3. Carb-raider carburator
    Back handlebar-gone
    Sprocket-followed your instructions

    Others-coming soon (akrapovic pipe)
    Thanks so much sir nakatulong po talaga.

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