Honda Steed 400


Honda Steed 400 2002
Category: Cruiser


Engine and transmission
Displacement: 398.00 ccm (24.29 cubic inches)
Engine type: V2
Stroke: 4
Power: 31.00 HP (22.6 kW)) @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 33.00 Nm (3.4 kgf-m or 24.3 ft.lbs) @ 6000 RPM
Compression: 10.3:1
Bore x stroke: 64.0 x 62.0 mm (2.5 x 2.4 inches)
Fuel system: Carburettor
Valves per cylinder: 3
Fuel control: OHC
Cooling system: Liquid
Gearbox: 5-speed

Speed and acceleration
Power/weight ratio: 0.1527 HP/kg

Dry weight: 203.0 kg (447.5 pounds)
Seat height: 670 mm (26.4 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height: 1,120 mm (44.1 inches)
Overall length: 2,310 mm (90.9 inches)
Overall width: 890 mm (35.0 inches)
Ground clearance: 130 mm (5.1 inches)
Wheelbase: 1,600 mm (63.0 inches)

Front tyre dimensions: 100/90-19 57S
Rear tyre dimensions: 170/80-15 M/C 77S

Front brakes: Single disc
Rear brakes: Expanding brake

Fuel capacity: 11.00 litres (2.91 gallons)

Country of origin


Harley-Davidson SoftTail Night Train


82 thoughts on “Honda Steed 400”

  1. Hi
    I live in South Africa and there is no Honda Steed 400 manuals available here. Could you please inform me on where I might get or download a workshop manual for my beloved bike.

    Thank you kindly

      1. I have the same problem as many here. I live in the Philippines and have no sources for anything relating to this great bike. I need a repair manual for it. Also, places to buy accessories. Any suggestions? Can I get a copy of the repair manual from you?

      2. Can I email you to receive a copy of of the tech manual? I’m working a Honda Steed in the Philippines and it would be greatly helpful to have that.

      3. Hi. I have 98 Honda steed vlx 400 it heats up after 10 mins of riding. The red light turns on . There are no mechanics here any one has service manual so I could open up the cooling system or else to find the cause Grateful

  2. Hi Ben,
    I also live in South Africa and own a Honda steed vlx400. After a bit of research I got myself the Haynes Manual for the Honda VT600 Shadow. The specs of the 2 bikes are the same, except for the engine capacity. You can order this book in South Africa from a company called MotoBooks.

  3. I stay in Cape Town and is waiting for my Steed. Got a 2001 400cc and cant wait to ride it. Would be nice to get a manual for it. Can anyone tell me the fuel usage pls.

    1. Hi Johan my name is Garry and I am looking for a manual for my 400cc steed custom how did you go . Looking for your manual?? Cheers garry

      1. hi guys. i have many documents for the honda steed vls / vlx 400 including the workshop manual. I can email if requested. my email address is ‘’. kind regards trevor.

  4. i got a steed but i find the ride very hard, what can i do to give it a nice drive, smooth? i love this bike, help pls.

  5. I was wrong with my bike model. Soz its a 1997 model. check if your front shocks is ok. U wanna talk bike lets skype : Johan.36

  6. where can i get a wiring diagram for my 4oo steed , it keeps blowing the ignition coil or starter coil just paid thous, to have fixed but is still not right

    1. Johan

      Please, please e-mail me a copy of your shadow manual. Can’t find one anywhere! I luv my bike as much as you do but I need to take better care of her. Please do me that favour.

      Thankx man. Lekker ry. Voete in die wind.

      1. Hi Johan
        I have just purchased a 400 Steed, and would like to get a manual for it.
        Any chance you would mail me a copy?
        thanks John

    2. Hello Johan. Got a steed as well. Want to restore it, but require a manual. I would appreciate a copy of your ‘shadow manual’ please. Kind regards Trevor.

    3. Please email me a copy of your manual. Can’t find one anywhere! I luv my bike as much as you do but I need to take better care of her. Please do me that favour. My Best regards to you and your family. I thank you

      Mr Jorge David

  7. my steed is a smooth ride, doesn’t make noise, the only noise I make is my exhaust, I have a free flow exhaust on mine sounds beautiful, If the noise comes from the enjin i suggest you let someone look at it

  8. I own a Steed and I’m really down for it! It’s a great bike. Pls could anyone help me get a replacement carburetor?
    I live in Ghana

  9. I need to replace the gasket set between the sleeves and block. Also want to do the rings. Where can I buy the parts from.

  10. hi, i m from nova motercycles trd. UAE DUBAI .
    we have some steed vlx 400 models 89/90/ 95i need some parts of this bike used or new so plz tell me from where and how i can buy this parts ?thanks for reply me

  11. Hi , Mr. Johan would you please send me the steed manual, I’m from India, I’ve searched a lot didn’t found.

  12. @Johan, could you please send me a soft copy of the VLX400 Manual? Thanks. I’m actually considering this as one of my option when I get a bigger bike next year.

    Btw, could you educate me as to what the fuel consumption of this bike is? I heard, the Honda CB400 Super Four consumes as much as 25kpl. Does it consume the same? Or the Steed is much more gas thriftier than the SF?

  13. I have a Honda VLX400cc 2005 model. can somebody send me soft copy of Owners manual. I thank very much for your help.

  14. To Johan,
    Please send me soft copy of your Honda Shadow owners manual Can you assist me in obtaining this.
    Thank very much
    P. Galano

  15. Я могу общаются. Sorr ТИС велосипедов продается.

    У меня нет руководства для этого велосипеда.

  16. hey!!! if you need manuals for honda steed, i have it in PDF format! i downloaded it from the web (forgot the site though). please email me at, maybe i can somehow help you.

    i need also your help, can you help me where can i find these spare parts here in UAE:
    front cylinder gasket (full set), rear cylinder gasket (full set), clutch side cover gasket, timing chain sprocket, timing chain guide, repair kit (for carburator), and front fork seal.

    i will appreciate your help…

  17. I own a Steed honda 400cc model 1996,and i just want to know if i can upgrade the look by using the seat of steed honda 2002 and some of the accessories….thank you

  18. i too have a honda steed 96made, i love this bike but im having trouble to get its part. it will be really great if any one can suggest me where can i find its parts.

  19. I do have a manual for the VLX 600 pdf (which is exactly similar to the 400)
    It is quite large. If you are in the Stormers territory then I can try and get
    In touch to get you a copy.

    I am looking for free-flow pipes for the steed and have no idea where to find them,
    please help.

  20. Helo.,How can i get Honda steed 400., Heard from shop in singapore, no more steed coming in except if i get a second hand. Is that true?

  21. hi i just one honda steed 400cc for R 20000 but dealer dont year model. is it ok to buy it and prize is it ok. condition not bad.

  22. Hi everyone , nirajan here. Finally I got spear parts for VSE 400, if anyone looking for parts go to singapur. But im still looking for manual book. Any one have idea?

    1. Hi there. I’m looking for a seat for my Honda Steed 400 2002 model. Can you please help me to find one in Gauteng. Its urgent. Thanx

  23. I am just joining you as one man with double problems, I have 2types of steed honda bikes. 1: vix / vlx 400 / 600cc , i want to buy 2 engines electronic systm brakes chain how do i go about it? Thanx.

    1. Hi gays I need 2 engine 400/600cc where do i get them 4rm pls help me. From K UK WILSON FCT ABUJA NIGERIA.

    1. Hi all. Just saw this thread. will be getting Steed vlx 400 in a month or so. Saw it at the dealer and they said its a 2007. Live in Uganda was wondering if i could get a manual. Checked online and no reviews have been done on this bike. wondering if anyone who’s had it for a while could do one. Been riding a Dual Sport but would like to switch to a cruiser.

  24. Hi guys…just wanna ask if the engine of honda steed 400cc and honda shadow slasher 400cc are exactly the same? Will the block of steed fit on slashers engine? Thanks in advance.

  25. hi guys

    I have a full custom Honda steed 400.

    Carb is giving me shit. It’s a side carb so not normal. But could you advise me on another carb I could look to buy that would suit the engine well?

    Carb is off an old xt400 so has manual choke etc.
    any advice would be great!

  26. Hi
    I have an Honda Steed 1995 and if it’s possible i want a manual because i want to rebuild it from the begging

    Also i want to ask if it’s possible to make a conversion with another bigger engine and if the conversion engine fit like the old one.

    Thank you

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