Z200 Compatible Parts

The following lists are compilation from MCP’s MotorStar forum:

1. valve guide o-ring———– valve guide for tmx155

2. cylinder head gasket——— original or hi-temp gasket maker or gasket shellac

3. rubber seal on valve cover— tmx155

4. throttle cable————— Skygo King 150 PN 46310 (PhP 88.00 only), honda tmx155 or kymco part #17910-kez-9810

5. pushrod———————- motorstar star-x 175 or tmx155

6. cdi————————– mitsubishi tmx155cdi or (my mechanic bought it for 2,400 here in cebu. ouch!!!!) battery operated cdi

7. clutch lining—————- honda tmx155 (bought last 02june07 worth 300/set genuineparts)

8. clutch plate—————– honda tmx155(bought last 02june07 worth 45/pc genuineparts)

9. spark plug–upgrade to–ngk– (platinum) DR8EGP or Denso (iridium) IX24, Bosch Iridiums

10. battery—-upgraded to—— motolite(MCB) 12N10-3B or GS 12N10-3B(PhP 600 only) (w/ some mods to the battery holder to accomodate bigger size) w/o problem so far, 12N9-BS Maintenance Free

12. tires———————– bridgestone BT090, metzeller sportec M1, Dunlop GPR80 or GT501, IRC, Duro HF918, Michelin Pilot Road2…etc Metzeller Sportec -available from OVERDOSE

13. chain———————– DID 428H/132L, RK 428H/132L

14. sprocket——————– cg125 17t or 16t (RK Takasago) or Honda TSR 17t or 16t

15. clutch cable—————- RK Takasago “japan quality”

16. speedometer cable———– motorstar predator150 or tmx155

17. Flasher——————— flashers used for XRMs or Masada brand

18. Brake Pads—————— Skygo Brake Pads or have your brake pads rebonded using softer brake pads OUR rear break pads is compatible with SHOUGUN 125 Rear Brake Pads also available from OVERDOSE, better and cheaper than the OEM

19. Rear Brake Light Switch—– Kawasaki brake light switch

20. Side Mirror—————– Kawasaki KR150 (will need a little adjustment), Honda XRM/Wave (P 100)

21. Speedo Cable—————- Transfer XRM speedo cable to Z2’s cable housing

22. Oil Seal 14-28-7 ———– TMX Change Shaft – 91206-286-005 – for z200’s changeshaft oil seal

23. Headlight Bulb ————- OSRAM halogen bulb 35/35w, NARVA brand 35/35w, makoto 35/35w

24. Main Jet (108 stock) ——- TMX 155 (115)

25. Stud bolt —————— Honda cg125

26. knockel bearing set ——– RS 100

27. ignition coil————— RS100 (php 350)

28. Volatge Regulator———– pang Loadstar 150. Yung naririnig nating black color, which is much better than the Blue SKK. Its perfectly plug & play. I placed 220 uF 50 Volts capacitor on it to minimize the heat. Cost me P350 here in Legazpi City.

29. Axle Bearings ————– NSK Japan #6302 2x front #6303 2x rear #6305 1x rear

30. Oil Pump/Oil Filter Rotor — Honda XL200, TMX155

(Source: http://www.motorcyclephilippines.com)


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