Z2 DIY Wheel Alignment

By Jolads

This is an alternative and simple method for accurate wheel alignment of Z200 or Z250 aside from the common/conventional methods we use.

Only minimal and common tools used, the only thing uncommon I think is the rear-tire stand, but can easily be fabricated and useful.

– allen wrench used to adjust the chain clearance (chain adjuster)
– wrench for the axle bolt
– rear stand
– string, thick color yellow kind, approx 12-15m
– anything a bit heavy but can be moved to anchor the string

1. using a pair of jack stands to tie the string, going around the bike


2. no parts of the bike should touch the string except the rear part of the rear tire
I use a bit of masking tape to hold the string at the rear (string should be on top of the tire threads not on the canals) place in 1st gear so tire won’t turn when pulling the string


3. place the steering handles and front tire on staight ahead position
then move the anchors of the string at the front until distance A and B are equal at the front part of the rear tire, use the least millimeter distance and should look approx like this:

fig. 1

4. now observe the string at the front tire, it may look like this:
and notice that the strings (using your keen eyesight) on either side are not equal w/ the front widest part of the front tire


5. carefully and slowly lift the front tire but still making sure that front is straight ahead until distance C and D are equal, and distance E and F are equal (from fig.2 below) it would look approx like this, I even used a piece of stick to measure both sides:


6. now the real alignment comes easy, look again at the rear, like the drawing above, distances A and B would not be equal again, just loosen up the axle bolt and adjust the chain adjuster until distances A and B are equal at the same time checking the chain slack for correct play and you’re finished.


7. should now look approx like this: distances C and D are equal, distances E and F are equal, distances A and B are equal


effect: improved handling, vibrations/swaying due to misalignment is eliminated (very noticeable at 60kph + even on smooth roads)

Jolads is a forumer of MCP (www.motorcyclephilippines.com) and is based in the Philippines.


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