Z2 GSX R-inspired by Rage

These are the GSX R-inpired fairings from Rage for MotorStar Xplorer Z2.

Z2 “Claire”

Z2 “Diana”

If you look closely, the design was shaped like a bat and fitted with headlights from Yamaha Nouvo Z Scooter.


Rage is a forumer of MCP (www.motorcyclephilippines.com) and is based in Metro Manila, Philippines. He is into Customized Fiberglass Bodykits and Tuned Pipes. You can contact him at tel. # 0916-6799000.


5 thoughts on “Z2 GSX R-inspired by Rage”

  1. Sir,

    how much is your price for the modification w/o paint for both the fairing and for the rear seat? I live at cavite. Here’s my contact number. 0918-649-0285

  2. this is one sweet ride.

    i just recently got myself a motorstar xplorer z200.

    i want to modify it too. and thanks for all the info i just read here on your blogsite. man this helped me a lot. specially with the electrical mods and stuff. im also into installing a modified body kit for my sweet ride.

    i may have to contact Rage one of these days.

    one question i have in mind. my ride came in black and gray color. what do i need to do to legally change the color of my ride? do i need to go to crame or LTO to update some stuff..

    your site is two thumbs up bro.
    five stars for you!

  3. good day sir…i think i saw some ur your work here in olongapo….blue….ang color…..and i tryd to look in the internet if i can Find kng cnu ang gumawa andd nkita ko….maganda xa pati fabrication../ok ung nouvo z. na headlys…. SUGESTION PO.. MAGANDA DN PO BA KNG MIO SOUL NA HEAD LIGHTS ANG GMITIN.. SA r1 model ng body kit nyo….

  4. thumbs up guys i also got z200 meron n po sya body kit kaso nasira headlight ko at gus2 ko sana palitan ng kagaya nyan sir rage how much it is? front face lng?

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