Aprilia RAM1000 Concept


Vehicle: Aprilia RAM1000
Category: Prototype

Website: http://www.naulapaa.com

Designer: Heikki Naulapää

The RAM1000 motorcycle concept was created during autumn 2001. Basic concept was 1000cc, half-naked streetfighter for urban environment with massive power and aggressive riding position. The designer chose it to be an Aprilia.

Besides sketching, the tool used in the project were Rhinoceros 3D and 3DSmax. Rapid prototype was made in 1:6 scale.


motor: 60 degree V5
displacement: 998cc
exhaust: single aluminum muffler
frame: aluminum box structure
wheelbase: 1407
steering: hydraulic
front brake: 2x320mm floating discs
rear brake: 235mm floating disc
front tyre: Metzeler 130/70
rear tyre: Metzeler 200/50
seat height: 760mm

Heikki Naulapää: “This project was my one of the most difficult tasks while studying in Lahti; to design complete motorbike without hardly any experience from 3D modeling. When starting this project, I hadn’t got any experience of designing vehicles either, which made the task pretty challenging.

Design and modeling I did by myself (and I swet a lot), but rendering was done by my flat mate and current CG -artist Heikki Anttila.

Last couple of pictures are taken from the rapid prototype -model, which was made from my data to the scale 1:9. It was real Christmas time when I saw the bike first time in “flesh” after endless hours of 3D modeling!”


About the Designer:

Heikki Naulapää is a finnish fellow and graduated from Vehicle Design department of Royal College of Art, London in 2004. Also graduated as an Industrial Designer from Lahti, Finland.

In September 05 he started to work as a Design Manager in Finnish design consultancy Provoke Helsinki.

At Provoke, they are constantly looking for a new challenges in the area of design. If you have an interesting design project proposal, please do not hesitate to contact him.

Contact Info:

address………Koivikontie 55 b, 04260 Kerava, Finland


6 thoughts on “Aprilia RAM1000 Concept”

  1. I love the shape of the prototype . I myself desighn cars and moto. Let me know wen the working model will be in production ,and if you need one to build a working model.

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