Suzuki G-Strider 2005 Concept Bike

First introduced in 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, the Suzuki G-Strider is best described as half-scooter half-cruiser motorcycle as it shares attributes with both.


Suzuki G-Strider 2005 Concept Bike
Category: Prototype


Engine type: Liquid cooled, four-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, parallel-twin
Displacement: 916cc
Transmission: Suzuki Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (SECVT)
Overall length: 2,445mm
Overall width: 710mm
Overall height: 1,170mm
Wheelbase: 1,800mm
Seat height: 615mm
Tyres: 140/60R17 (F) – 220/40R18 (R)

The 2003 Edition Suzuki G-Strider



20 thoughts on “Suzuki G-Strider 2005 Concept Bike”

  1. Kaneda’s bike anyone? Looks like the designer is a big Akira fan. Too bad this didn’t make it to production… I would have bought one in red right away! I do pray that it does go into production though…*

  2. Would they be willing to sell the G-Strider in limited numbers?? Maybe 5,000 units? I’d be willing to pay 15 to 20k for that bike. C’mon Suzuki!! I can’t even find details about it on the Suzuki website. I have to read all I can from other NON Suzuki sites. I wouldn’t mind buying one without all the electronic gizmos. Styling alone is enough. I’ll sell a kidney if I have to just to get that bike.

  3. c’mon suzuki you have to make this bike i would pay a good 10 to 20k for it. It would sell insanely quick as far as i am concerned. i would say it is worth a decent amount of £10,000 and above. i’m with both of them with this one, i have seen the instrument panel and wow it is like a space ship let alone the rest of the bike. all of the gzmos on this bike make some concept cars in the dust. please make this bike suzuki because have to.
    B. i would buy one and any one else out there would i’m sure wants one.

  4. Suzuki if you do not make this bike out to the public could i get one over here in europe. i you did do that though i supose you would have to make it open to the public. i would buy a Suzuki G-Strider and so would all of these others people buy one it seams!!!
    Does the girls come with the bike?

  5. Suzuki is on the right track. The styling is beautiful! I’d buy my first suzuki if this were out there. The front looks way better than the current maxi styling out there.

  6. Where can i order it for buying
    i like suzuki bikes im very fond of these bikes,
    so i want to own 1 i.e G-strider.

  7. it was obviously designed around that chick’s legs….
    therefore, no one else would look that cool riding it.
    but, if that biker babe could just ride it around anywhere, the world would be a hotter place!

  8. I think I just squirted my pants.
    Gorramit that bike’s so hot just touching it would give you blisters.
    Please Suzuki take this piece of art into production.
    *Whimpers piteously, eyes tearing up*
    I want!

  9. I would buy this i want a big engine scooter my 650 burgman is great but i would like a bigger engine for those long tours

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