Yamaha 2001 Prototype


Yamaha Tricker 2001 Prototype
Category: Prototype


Length: 1,820mm
Width: 740mm
Height: 1,160mm
Engine Type: Air-cooled 4-Stroke SOHC 2-valve,Single
Displacement: 223cm3

This concept model was developed around the idea of bringing to motorcycling an experience inspired by the exciting and physical world of the “X-Games” today’s sports lovers enjoy on surfboards, snowboards and BMX bicycles. Going beyond the traditional motorcycle functions of “running, turning and stopping,” this model proposes the enjoyment of new 3-dimensional sensations like “standing still, springing and floating.”

It mounts an SOHC 223cc engine with great pick up on a lightweight aluminum frame. Defining features include a body with a minimum fuel tank, short wheelbase equivalent to that of the YZ85 motocrosser and a short-cut seat for greater freedom of movement. This model proposes a new type of riding like a BMX of the future and is designed to offer a combination of joys: the feeling of hovering in air during jumps, exhilaration of physical sport, the challenge of honing technique and the thrill of showing off those hard-won skills.


Yamaha Passol 2001 Prototype
Category: Prototype


Length: 1,470mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 980mm
Power unit: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Rated Power Output: 0.58kW

This model is a proposal for a new type of electric commuter developed around the concept of a “Smart Urban Commuter.” A quarter of a century after the debut of the original Yamaha Passol, we kept the same “Even I can ride it with ease” image and translated it into a completely new type of urban commuting vehicle incorporating advanced control technologies from our PAS electro-hybrid bicycles and a sophisticated human interface technology. It proposes a new style of mobility in which the user always has the option of “Passol or Car.”

The body goes beyond the conventional image of a scooter to a new level of simplicity of structure. To the frame is added the quality touch of aluminum. The body is 40 kg lighter than previous Passol scooters and boasts a unique set of features like a front fork with single-unit right and left outer tubes made of aluminum and a 4-way anti-theft system employing a punch-in code number.

The power source is the first removable lithium-ion battery ever used on a two-wheeler. To bring out the potential of this battery most efficiently, an all-in-one power unit with a built-in super-flat motor, super-compact controller, drum brake and planetary-type decelerator is adopted, achieving performance specs of 40 – 45 km/h top speed, and a running distance of 30 – 35 km on one charging of the battery.


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