2007 Honda CRF150R Mini Class DirtBike


For 2007 Honda has unleashed it’s championship-winning four stroke genes on the mini class with the Honda CRF150R Mini Class DirtBike. Features on the CRF150R DirtBike include a 149cc Unicam four valve engine, twin exhaust rockers, adjustable Showa suspension, a strongly made frame that’s meant to take a beating and much more. There’s two configurations available: a small wheel version for younger riders and a CRF150R expert large wheel version with higher seat for taller riders. This dirt bike weighs 165.3 pounds, comes in red.


40 thoughts on “2007 Honda CRF150R Mini Class DirtBike”

  1. The CRF150 2008 model cost around $4,199 MSRP.

    The CRF150R Expert version cost around $4,299 MSRP.

    The CRF150R Expert version was designed for taller riders. Same great MX package as the standard CRF150R — potent Unicam® four-valve engine, fully adjustable Showa® suspension — but with bigger wheels, a touch higher seat, and longer swingarm to accommodate those young pilots who might have slightly longer inseams.

  2. You can not race the big wheel version of the crf150r in the 85cc class in Canada only the small wheel version.

  3. heyy um im looking to buy one of the 2008 models of these can you tell me a bit about them and a price thx in $AU lol thx very much apreciated

  4. hello im 15 and i got this bike a few months ago.
    best bike ever.
    i have outrun several 250cc s with this bike.
    its sooooo fast i love it. i recomend it to anyone

  5. i bought a lifan gy150 version as I can’t afford or find a honda crf in my country. not even a honda xl250.

    It cost me aboiut half what a crf150 costs but the parts and finishing are just not good enough. I love honda but lifan and hardford were the only offroad bikes available for purchase here. I wish i could ride a crf or for the matter any honda offroad bike.

  6. I am racing a 2003 Kawasaki KX85 right now. But I want to get a bike that I can just play around on. Would a Honda CRF150R be an okay bike for going through deep water and lots of mud. Because I still want a big powerful bike. I don’t know much about 4-strokes but would this bike want to be cracked open and riden fast or is it alright to be ridden slower and going “4X4” ??

  7. Mmmm well i sugest to all of you to destroy your stupid 2 strocks bikes … now its time for the 4 strocks revolution. I say that because 2 month ago i was on a cr85cc and now im on a crf150-expert and it totaly blow the 85cc clase.

  8. Mitch… i recomend you to by it cuz when you’ll try this bike for the first time, you’ll want to sell your fag little 2 strocks. why?: more torque, more funny to drive, more performance… trust me on that.

  9. this bike is the best I have a crf 150r at home and I raced with it the firs time in hattah and bet every body on the track its the best dirt bike ever.

  10. I recommend to everybody that they should buy this bike because when your out there crusin every body will have there eyes on you especially the hot girs but the point is the buy this bike because it is da best

  11. i want this bike really badly and will get it soon i think im gunna get the expert….i sat on it fine ….im 5’4 will that be ok?

  12. My best friend has a crf150f and we ride trails about every day. He rode a crf150r and said i blows his bike away. I ride a crf230f witch is faster but the crf150r is made for performance and to be ran hard. The 150r can keep up with the 230f any day.

  13. i have a kx125 2 stroke and i know it is better than a 4 stroke 150 because i have raced lots of people with honda 150’s that say there better and i win all the time at the track. im 13 .

  14. i have the 150r and was thinking about starting to race motocross and harescrambles, will the 150r keep up with the 125 2stroke becuz it says 150r have to race with them?

  15. ive got a yamaha yz85 o7 model and ui want a crf 150r but i dont no if i will like the 150r much compared to my bike (power wise).so if you hav a 150r and hav had a 85 or riden 1 wats betta.

  16. dude i recommend the crf150r because i hav a crf100f and wen i got on the crf150r it was like being on a moped and goin on to a croth rocket so if u want to gwt some speed get the bike!!!!!!!!!

  17. best bike ever! the crf150r is extremely fast and powerfull. i garentee it will out run all kinds of different 250cc bikes! i recomend this bike to every one that wants a dirtbike and has the skill to ride it cause this sucker will scoot!!!!

  18. HEY, i have rode a yz85 and a 150f and im telling u the 150 is so much more powerfull, no joke ayy 100% great bike. i race 150 against 125’s and my bike kicks the others.

  19. I have the crf150r expert and it is cray fast it desroys the 230 (on the bottem end) and it weelies in every gear. I can keep up with guys on 250s pretty easy quite often I can beat them this is a great bike not for beginers though

  20. Hey Ian, i have the bike nad it is amazing, it goes around 103km/h, lots of fuckin power…im 14 and im going for the crf250r

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