Tokyo Motor Show 2001 Prototypes


These are the the motorcycle prototypes unveiled during the 2001 35th Tokyo Motor Show:



ELYSIUM (Exhibition model: Prototype)

This large-scale scooter features an aerodynamic all-weather design. Its horizontally opposed flat-4 engine is joined to hydraulically controlled CVT transmission.

Overall Length(mm): 2,445
Overall Width(mm): 750
Overall Height(mm): 1,755
Seating Capacity: 2
Engine Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke flat-4
Displacement(cc): 750
Transmission: Fully automatic continuously variable hydromechanical with electronic control


XAXIS (Exhibition model: Prototype)

This future Super Sports bike proposes a new direction in motorcycling with a V-twin engine that brings together Honda’s most advanced technology.

Overall Length(mm): 2,030
Overall Width(mm): 730
Overall Height(mm): 1,020
Seating Capacity: 1
Engine Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC V-twin
Displacement(cc): 995
Transmission: Close-ratio six-speed


FUSION 50 (Exhibition model: Prototype)

A fashionable scooter with a long and low design. While giving a strong suggestion of a new scooter life, its dynamic bodywork makes it hard to believe it’s a 50cc.

Overall Length(mm): 1,950
Overall Width(mm): 900
Overall Height(mm): 1,200
Seating Capacity: 1
Engine Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHC single
Displacement(cc): 49
Transmission: V-Matic


CAIXA (Exhibition model: Prototype)

A new genre of bike that features an electric motor and a ultra-compact construction that folds down to a compact 170mm in width to easily fit into a car.

Overall Length(mm): 1,240
Overall Width(mm): 720
Overall Height(mm): 920
Seating Capacity: 1
Engine Type: Direct drive motor in wheel
Transmission: Automatic



B-KING (Exhibition model: Prototype)

This is the concept model which has the massive and coming-future styling design and adopted the IT technology for offering the sense of new motorcycle world.

Overall Length(mm): 2,090
Overall Width(mm): 770
Overall Height(mm): 1,070
Wheelbase(mm): 1,495
Seating Capacity: 1
Engine Type: 4stroke liquid-cooled DOHC inline4
Displacement(cc): 1,299
Transmission: 6speed-constant mesh



Tricker (Exhibition model: Prototype)

This is a concept model designed with a lightweight, compact body to let riders bring the dynamic fun of today’s physically challenging “X games” to the world of motorcycling.

Overall Length(mm): 1,820
Overall Width(mm): 740
Overall Height(mm): 1,160
Wheelbase(mm): 1,230
Vehicle Weight(kg): 95
Seating Capacity: 1
Engine Type: 4-cycle•Air Cool Single cylinder SOHC•2 valve
Displacement (cc): 223
Transmission: 5-speed


Passol (Exhibition model: Prototype)

This new type of electric vehicle is designed as a “Smart Urban Commuter”. Adopting Yamaha’s proven control technologies developed for our PAS bicycles, it achieves very smooth running performance.

Overall Length(mm): 1,470
Overall Width(mm): 600
Overall Height(mm): 980
Wheelbase(mm): N.A
Vehicle Weight(kg): N.A
Seating Capacity: 1
Max Power: 0.58kw


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